Bone Dust Collector



  • A fast, easy, way to harvest and prevent the waste of valuable autogenous bone
  • The Bone Dust Collector connects to your suction tubing and features a unique shut-off valve that allows you to shut off the suction so you don’t dry out the bone.
  • Included with each collector are two filters, so you’ll have plenty of bone collecting capacity
  • The unit is sterile single patient use disposable, no cleaning is required.
  • Bone Dust Collectors are extremely economical with each pack comes 2 filters.
  • The Bone Dust collectors are sold in packs of 10, for single-patient use only and cannot be re-sterilized or reused.


Autografts for spinal fusion


Aim of the study was to compare the osteogenic potential of bone chips and high speed burr shavings, and to evaluate the applicability of bone shavings as an autograft for spinal fusion. Bone chips and shavings from 14 patients undergoing spinal decompression surgery were analyzed using in vitro tissue culture methods. Osteoblast emigration and proliferation, viability and mineralization were investigated and histological evaluation was performed.

Bone chips from all patients showed successful osteoblast emigration after average 5.5 days. In contrast, only 57% of the corresponding bone shavings successfully demonstrated osteoblast emigration within an average time span of 14.8 days. Average osteoblast mobilisation was 1.25 9 106 cells per gram from bone chips and 1.73 9 105 cells per gram from the corresponding bone shavings.

Read more about it here : Autografts for spinal fusion: osteogenic potential of laminectomy
bone chips and bone shavings collected via high speed drill.