Bioactive Combo Cervical Disc Cage

  • Encouraging rapid bony ingrowth and increasing fusion rate
  • Optimizing intervertebral stability
  • Excellent visualization on postoperative CT & MRI scan

Bioactive Combo Lumbar Disc Cage


  • Direct bony ingrowth increases initial implant stability and fusion rate
  • Easier verification of Implant placement
  • Vertebra-like elasticity reduces the stress shielding
  • Radiolucency allows for reliable healing site monitoring


Winloc Anterior Cervical Plate  

Winloc Arterior


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PEEK Polymer Disc Spacer

Cervical Spine Disc Spacer

Peek Cervical

  • Convex anatomical shape matches vertabral endplates
  • Anti-migration serrated designs are for perfect stability within interbody space
  • Provide maximum space for bone graft


Lumbar Spine Disc Spacer

Peek lumbar

  • Convex anatomical shape matches vertebral endplates
  • Radiodence marker permit optimal postoperative follow-up
  • An extensive range of implants and comprehensive set of instruments adapt to all patient anatomies/situations.

Vigor® Vertebral Disc Spacer


Vigor® Cervical Disc Spacer with Central Grafting Space   

 Vigor Vetebral Disc Spacer

  • All features of Spacer with Horizontal Grooves and lordosis angle to better match anterior vertebral geometry and to share the central stress.
  • Side window enables to view interbody fusion.

Vigor® Cervical Disc Spacer with Convex Anatomic Serration (Wave type)


  • Advanced convex anatomic design provides fit and stability.
  • Anterior slope matches anterior vertebral geometry and capable to share central stress.
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